New Online Forum Geared Toward Japanese 4×4 Mini Truck Enthusiasts

August 16th, 2007

Minitrucktalk is a new online source for Japanese Mini Truck enthusiasts. The
first mini truck was introduced in
1965 with new versions and generations evolving throughout the years. The forum
was created in response to a lack of on-line information available on mini
trucks and vans in the U.S. The goal of the forum is to help educate people and
create a community where Japanese Mini Truck enthusiasts meet and discuss their

Minitrucktalk encourages its members to network with other
Japanese 4×4 mini truck fans and
owners as well as share insights on the “How to do’s”. The site also allows
dealers from all over the world of related mini truck parts and accessories to
post advertisements drawing businesses and people closer together. The forum is
broken down into several sections allowing its members to share information from
where to find parts and accessories to technical questions on electrical and
engine modes.

The forum on minitrucktalk is updated and enhanced daily
creating an added value that should not be missed by any mini truck devotee.

Bauen mit Fundament, Bodenplatte und Hallenbau

August 16th, 2007

Im Bauwesen werden Fundamente von Experten auch als Gründung bezeichnet. Es ist eine konstruktive, statische Ausbildung des Übergangs vom Bauwerk zum Boden. Fundamente werden nach Tiefe und Ausführung unterschieden. Bei tiefen Fundamenten (Tiefgründung) werden die Lasten in die unteren Bodenschichten abgeleitet. Dies geschieht mittels Pfählen, Schlitzwänden oder auch Brunnen.

Bei flachen Fundamenten (Flachgründungen) wird die Last in den oberen Bodenschichten eingeleitet. Unter Fundamente wird in der Regel eine Kiesschicht gesetzt, damit keine Feuchtigkeit, die üblicherweise aus dem Boden aufsteigt, in die Bodenplatte eindringen kann. Zusätzlich werden Fundamenterder eingebaut, die als Ausgleich und Erdung für die Elektroinstallation des Gebäudes dienen. Dies ist besonders im Hallenbau mit Stahl wichtig.

Nach der Art der Ausführung unterscheidet man Einzel-, Sreifen-,oder Plattenfundamente. Einzelfundamente werde in der Regel für Bauwerke wie Schornsteine oder isolierte Stützen verwendet. Die am meisten verwendete Form der Fundamente in Deutschland sind Streifenfundamente. Die Maße und eventuelle Verstärkungen (Bewehrung) der Platte werden unter Berücksichtigung der Tragfähigkeit des Bodens berechnet. Es wird meist Beton verwendet und die tragenden Wände werden direkt auf das Fundament aufgesetzt.
Plattenfundamente (Sohlplatten) errichtet man, wenn die anderen Fundamentarten wegen hoher Baulasten nicht wirtschaftlich sind. Dann werden die Bodenplatten in einem Stück ausgeführt. Auch bei geringerer Baulast wird manchmal eine Sohlplatte verwendet, da der Arbeitsaufwand niedriger ist.

Kellerwannen sind eine Besonderheit im Fundamentbau. Sie werden nur bei Standorten mit hohem Grundwasserspiegel oder in Gewässernähe angeraten.


August 15th, 2007

A villa is basically a house where a family can spend their time together. In Bali however, a villa is a breath of nature for the family, for first time honeymooners, or individuals who want to re-encounter the self being. Most villas in Bali take personal privacy into account, and this is at harmony with nature. The detailed concept of their respective architectures can be various, but privacy and luxury play an important role in the basic concept of many villas.

Luxurious, sometimes superbly luxurious, the architecture of many villas in Bali is breathing in the rhythm of space that plays on the silence of the surrounds and fits effortlessly and discreetly into the small community.

In recent years the island of the Gods has become the site for many villas, or a cluster of villas referred sometimes as a boutique resort like what we can find on villa Seminyak. The beginning of the new super luxury trend began at the end of the 1980’s, precisely with the opening of the Amandari, perched on the edge of Ubuds Sayan Gorge. The mind behind the resort was renowned Australian architect Peter Muller along with owner Adrian Zecher.

Hotels of that era were built with many rooms. Villas, however, have different approach. It is not simply how many hotel rooms you have, but how wonderful they are. Luxury, too, is not only determined by expensive materials for many of these resorts often use the simplest of local materials.

The detail of concepts of Bali luxury villas have developed since the days of Muller and Zecher, who has initiated the rejuvenation of the Balinese traditional village living within their architecture design. “Nowadays, modern touches are an important component in the design of villas in Bali,” said Popo Danes, a reputable Balinese architect who has designed a plenty of villas in some of Bali’s more remote locations. As a result, according to Popo, the sense of simplicity is becoming stronger.

If you have the money and want to really relax and enjoy yourself while visiting Bali, make sure that you reward yourself by staying in one or more of the world’s best resorts.

Learning To Sing Ethiopia Songs

August 15th, 2007

The music of Ethiopia is traditional and eclectic, infused with the variety of culture and religion in the land and created with creativity and energy. The people of Ethiopia love to sing the Ethiopia songs of celebration and protest, allowing them the chance to freely express their experiences and emotions to the fullest. This gives them opportunity to engage in a cultural dialogue, too, giving them the chance to explore the culture and share it with others that may not know. Learning Ethiopia songs is a great way to learn about the cultural mosaic of this African country. Read more ethiopia news .

Each of the country’s 80 tribes is associated with at type of music. This makes for a lot of unique sounds in the country of Ethiopia. A lot of the forms of Ethiopia songs are influenced by the countryside folk musicians or Islamic music, but it also has an ancient element derived from Christianity that is related to the country’s deep Christian heritage. The country of Ethiopia uses music as a form of therapy to recover from the serious history of the country, including the famine and the war with Eritrea. This recovery has been aided with Ethiopia songs that have spread throughout the land.

Viagra Condom - CSD500

August 15th, 2007

Futura Medical in the UK just announced recently the development of a viagra condom aka CSD500. CSD stands for condom safety device. CSD500 incorporates an erectogenic compound that assists men who wear condoms during intercourse to maintain a full erection.

The viagra tipped condom works just like the viagra pill does but it also protects against Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs). The compond gel is absorbed by the skin through the arteries and boosts blood flow to the penis thereby making it stay erect for longer

The compound gel would be licensed under the trademark name of Zanifil. The CSD500 viagra condom is to be marketed by the worlds largest condom manufacturer (DUREX) under another name and would be on sale from late 2007. In the meantime, you can buy viagra

Herbalife now offers a Kids Program

August 14th, 2007

Did you know?

15% of today’s children are overweight?

Boys will soon surpass the 20% mark and girls are almost at
the 17% mark.


Herbalife now offers a wide assortment of nutritional
supplements to help children get back on track to a well balanced diet.


Herbalife now offers a Herbalife Kids program


Herbalife Shakes for

Herbalife Shakes for kids provides the needed essential
nutrition. This includes: protein, fiber and 100% of key nutrients to meet
growing kids’ daily needs. Since they taste great, kids will ask for one every

Herbalife Multivites

MultiVites fruit-flavored chewable multivitamins provide
100% Daily Value of key nutrients to meet growing kids’ daily needs. The sport
shaped vitamins will keep kids coming back for more.


Herbal life

Kindermins® fruit-flavored liquid multivitamin provides 11
essential vitamins infants and toddlers need every day.


With health insurance reaching all time highs, it is best to
start now to help your children stay healthy, eat right, and have fun!

Dog Beds and Healthy Pets

August 14th, 2007

I bet it wouldn’t surprise you to know that dogs sleep on average more than half of their life.  On average a dog gets 16 hours of sleep, that’s twice the human average.  So getting the right sleep environment is very important for his health.  

Your dog may seem pretty indifferent about the places he curls up for a nap, but that may not be the best thing for his health.  As dogs age, their bodies become subject to the same if not worse, arthritic and worn out conditions that ours do.  The construction of the dog body added to the active playful habits of most species puts a large amount of strain on the joints, bones and cartilage in a dogs back and legs.

Combining the knowledge of long sleep hours and fragile construction places a high importance on making the environment your dog sleeps in essential to healthy living.  In today’s pet market, there are many great options for you to choose from for dog beds.  There are designer dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, cushioned dog mats and even dog couches for those looking to pamper.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right sleeping option for your pet.

1.    Will your dog sleep anywhere except your bed.  Your husband or wife will be very happy to get the middle of the bed back if you can pull it off, but make sure you are willing to give up the winter heat savings before you buy that dog bed.  If your dog is not trainable you may have a hard time getting him used to sleeping somewhere new.
2.    The age and overall health of the dog may affect your choice.  Orthopedic dog beds have been created with the same sleep technology used in our beds helping give more support and comfort to dogs with arthritic and aging bones and joints.
3.    Is your dog an indoor or outdoor pet?  Maybe he is both.  There are beds specifically made of weather resistant durable materials to provide dry comfortable sleep in all conditions.
4.    Your budget is always a concern when investments are concerned and choosing a great bed for your dog is a investment in your dogs health and longevity.  Make sure you take the time to think about the importance of where your dog spends half of its life.  I myself spend half of mine in front of my PC. And you can bet I sit on a pretty comfortable chair.  
5.    Last but not least is the size of the bed you are looking for.  A dog’s bed should be slightly larger than the dog when he is laid out in a full stretch position.  This will guarantee that no matter what position you dog sleeps in, it will always be getting the proper support.

We all wish we could have our favorite pets for a lifetime, perhaps providing a great sleeping environment for them helps us get a little closer to that dream.

Great Baby Gift Ideas

August 14th, 2007

Going to a Baby Shower, or need to buy a great baby gift and don’t know where to start?  You’re not alone. Buying baby gifts that show you care often takes more time and effort than we have to give.  So here are some helpful tips on buying a great baby gift.

Memories last forever – One of the best gifts you can give a family with a new baby or a baby on the way is a gift that will help them preserve the memory of this special time for the rest of their lives.  Gifts such as Keepsake boxes, baby handprint/footprint picture frames, or birth certificate holders will certainly be a gift of a lifetime.

Baby gift baskets – Most baby gift baskets are theme oriented and can be personalized with the new baby’s name to create a thoughtful gift with low effort.   Frogs, strawberries, all-stars, and princesses are just a few of the many themes that you can by baskets around.  You can also shop by need.  For example you can by baskets for bathtime, mealtime, or sleepytime.  Baskets make great baby shower gifts too, because there are many starter set types of baskets to help the new parents get on their feet.

Fashion Statement – If you are going to go the clothing route, try to find some statement pieces that will make them remember that this was a gift given with care.  Instead of the normal boring clothes why not get a bit more clever like a little onesie with a “Dinner is on me!” slogan, or a tie-dyed one for your hippy friends.  Clothing can be fun you just have to want to hunt down the perfect pieces.

The almighty dollar - A card with a check or cash inside will definitely be appreciated by your friends and family.  But we give gifts in part to reflect the amount of interest we have in the people we buy them for.  Perhaps filling out the check in the car before going to the party was convenient, but does it show the love and care you have for the person you are giving it to?  If not, then consider financial gifts like savings bonds and stocks as great alternatives.  They might not remember the check in the envelope you gave them, but they will always know who gave them the Apple stock that’s been growing in value since he was a little boy.

I hope these ideas give you a good start on your way to finding that special baby gift.  Our next article will focus on baby showers, from the baby shower favors to the diaper cake centerpiece.

Spanish Property - MLS Arrives in Europe

August 13th, 2007

Its taken a while, but multiple listing has finally arrived in Europe in the form of a Spanish Property MLS from AMLA, The Association of Multiple Listing Agents.

The AMLASpain website is the first I have found to offer an MLS service to property agents along the lines found in the USA.

The MLS, started just a year ago, offers Costa Blanca Property and Costa del Sol Properties , new and resale although it is currently spreading across the coastal areas of Spain including the Islands of the Balearics and Canaries.

Plans to launch a domestic spanish site and expand across the European Union are supposedely well underway.

The website, with a 40,000 Alexa ranking as well as many high ranking positions across many of the major keyword searches for the market is challenging the large advertising sites for position using raising the professional bar as its lure to buyers and agents alike in its bid to introduce multiple listing as a form of transacting business in property that reduces the potential for conflict of interest

The Internets biggest and best Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Site

August 13th, 2007

www.stadium-arcadium.com is fast becoming the biggest and most popular red hot chili peppers related site and forum on the Internet.

As a fan of the band for over fifteen years, I have longed for a red hot chili peppers site that enables me to chat freely with other fans, and now I’ve found it! Currently with over 12000 members, the forum is a friendly place, packed to bursting point with topics, files and discussions relating to the band. The forum also caters for off topic discussions too.

This is by far the greatest red hot chili peppers website on the Internet with the biggest unofficial forum on the Internet providing hundreds of links to red hot chili peppers downloads

Make sure you check it out today!